Ask Your Friends and Family for a Referral
The best way to know if a wedding DJ is any good is by asking persons who have seen them in action. This is especially true if the referral comes from a trusted friend or family member. The best disc jockeys get a healthy percentage of their bookings from guests that have seen them perform.

Contact Newlyweds for References
Great wedding DJs have dozens of happy brides and grooms that would be glad to share their experiences with you. A short phone call or email to past clients will help formulate a clear picture of the quality of service the DJ has to offer. Past clients will also have clear thoughts about what they liked and disliked about the wedding DJ.

Read Online Client Reviews
Online reviews are another great source for unbiased feedback. Do a Google search on the DJ Company in question and you should be able to find several sites that have online customer reviews. This will give you a good idea of what past customers feel about the services that were provided. Since most of these reviews are unsolicited they tend to be brutally honest about the quality of the services performed. Be aware that most online reviews are for individual entertainers of a company and may not be the specific DJ they will be booking for your wedding.

Meet with the Wedding DJ in Person
The worst thing you can do is book your wedding entertainment sight unseen.  Unless you are having a destination wedding it is very important to meet with your master of ceremonies and disc jockey.  You want to make sure they are professional, experienced and likeable.  Here are some things to consider when meeting your perspective wedding DJ.  1) Have they been responsive to your phone calls and emails?  If not, they will probably be even less responsive after you give them a deposit for the booking.  2) Did they arrive to your meeting prepared and on time?  This may be an indication of how they will be on your wedding day.  3) Was the perspective DJ confident and knowledgeable?  Did they put you at ease and answer all your questions or were you unsure about their abilities.  4) Did you like the DJs presentation and personality?  If you are looking for high energy, don’t hire a DJ who is introverted and vice-versa.

Hire a DJ Specializing in Weddings
Every DJ has a specialty, some are great for backyard parties, and some specialize in night clubs and others in school dances.  When it comes to wedding receptions, experience plays a huge role in selecting the right music and making things run smoothly.  That’s why it is important to select a DJ that specializes in wedding receptions.  At minimum your DJ should have at least fifty wedding receptions under his/her belt before yours.  This will provide them with the experience and knowledge to give you a high level of professionalism you’re looking for.  You don’t want to take a chance on your big day with a DJ that is not a seasoned wedding DJ.

View Photos of their Wedding Reception Setup
The most important thing here is to see if the setup looks professional.  The equipment should look in good condition and presentable.  You don’t want a part-time DJ with low grade equipment that has wires sticking out all over the place.  This shows that the DJ is not a professional and may likely do a poor job.  The company should also offer different options depending on the size of the venue and the number of guests.  One size does not fit all when it comes to sound reinforcement.  It is important that the equipment meets the needs for each individual event.

Getting Discounts on Wedding DJ Services
There are many ways to save money on DJ services for your wedding reception.  1) Book way in advance – Many companies offer good discounts for booking a year or more in advance.  2) Get married on an off day – You can usually get better pricing for DJ services Sunday thru Friday.  3) Get a package deal – Have the company include some lighting or a ceremony package at a discounted price.  4) Book the minimum time – If working with a large company book the minimum time required. Then talk with the DJ directly to negotiate overtime pricing.  5) Ask for discount – With the struggling economy most DJ companies are willing to negotiate pricing to get the booking.  6) Offer hard cold cash – Offer to pay in advance to receive a healthy discount.

Get Everything in Writing
All professional DJ companies will require a contract or services agreement.  Make sure to review the entire contract for accuracy. At minimum the agreement should contain the total cost, amount of the deposit fee, performance times, venue address, a brief description of the services and the name of the specific DJ booked.  If you don’t understand something don’t hesitate to ask for clarification.  Additionally, if you don’t like something in the contract ask to have it changed.  Most professional companies will go out of their way to accommodate you.  Make sure to keep a signed copy for your records.

Go with your Gut Feelings
Along with the above tips you should always go with your instincts.  If you liked the DJ as a person and you feel good about his/her abilities then book him/her immediately.  The best wedding DJs get booked six to twelve months in advance, so don’t procrastinate on selecting your wedding reception entertainment.